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Multi Foam Cleaner

Multi Foam Cleaner

Quick Clean Multi Foam Cleaner multi-purpose degreasing and car interior cleaning foam spray with a volume of 650 mm

Quick clean cleaning and degreasing foam spray with Multi Foam Cleaner brand, produced from a hygienic formulation, is used for degreasing all kinds of artificial leather seats and interior plastic parts of the car, roof, belt and inside the door. Quick Clean Multi-Purpose Detergent with a volume of 650 ml with a pleasant scent can also remove dirt from smoke and nicotine, reduce the cost of dry cleaning the interior of your car by using Quick Clean Multi-Purpose Spray.

To use, shake the multi-purpose anti-seize foam and spray it on fabric and plastic points, etc., and after about 30 seconds, start cleaning with a rough cloth. The quick clean multi-purpose cleaning foam is thick and is enough to cover a wide surface and by activating the dirt, it makes the surface ready for wiping. Using a wet microfiber cloth is suitable for cleaning and this product is very suitable for both professional detailing and personal use.


How to use:

Shake the spray, spray the contents of the anti-seize foam spray inside the car at a distance of 15 cm from the desired surface and wipe it with a soft tissue after 15 seconds. If it is used on sensitive and natural leather surfaces, it is better to test it first on a part of the desired surface that cannot be seen, and if there is no problem, use it on the entire surface. In order to clean objects containing internal surfaces such as pillows, roofs, and clouded seats, spray the material on a napkin and then apply it on the desired surface, and avoid direct spray of anti-seize foam on such surfaces.

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