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ceramic coating kit

ceramic coating kit

Quick Clean body nano-ceramic, volume 50 ml, with a shelf life of 3 years and a stiffness ratio is 9H

Bodywork nano ceramic, as its name suggests, is a layer with nano technology that is applied to the auto body in the right temperature and light conditions. This liquid has the best conditions for performance at a temperature of 19 to 22 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 65%.
After the prepering the bodywork, polishing and degreasing of the bodywork, nano-ceramic fluid is applied to the bodywork with a special pad and is removed from the body within a few seconds (depending on the type and stiffness ratio of the ceramic coating) and possible streaks are removed before drying.

It should be mentioned that the infrastructure of the bodywork, the implementation and environment of the nano-ceramic implementation of the bodywork, and maintenance after the implementation of nano-ceramics are three complementary steps to create durability. The bodywork nano ceramic kit includes the items needed for applying ceramics, including a ceramic applicator pad, some ceramic applying napkins for the pad, and gloves to prevent hands from getting stained with nano bodywork materials.

You need a ceramic application pad and a special napkin to apply the ceramic coating of the Quick clean model. Wash the surface of the bodywork after the foundation and clean the grease and pollen left from polishing with degreasing materials before ceramic, which helps the quality of the body’s nano performance.


According to the detailing instruction provided, apply the nano ceramic material on the specified part of the bodywork by moving left to right and up and down only once (avoiding rotating movement) with the pad on the body.


Depending on the humidity of the environment and the temperature of the place where the body ceramic is applied, a time between 2 and 5 minutes or when the material creates bubbles or becomes seven colors like a rainbow, it is possible to collect the additional nano ceramic materials from the bodywork and wipe the surface free of It will be a streak. At this stage, the use of a soft, lint-free, and non-stitched microfiber cloth is very important and helpful in eliminating residues ceramic materials, and rotating movement will be allowed at this stage.

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