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Bitumen and asphalt cleaner spray

Bitumen and asphalt cleaner spray

Bitumen and asphalt cleaner spray Quick clean in a volume of 450 ml

Bitumen cleaner from Quick Clean brand is of excellent quality and effective formulation suitable for removing traces of tar, asphalt, glue and grease left on the body, without damaging the body color and plastic parts of the car. Using this product has no adverse effect on the color of the body fabric or high-quality non-factory colors. If you are not sure about the quality of the car body paint, test the solution on a small part of the surface before using it, and after making sure, spray and remove the stain.

Bitumen is one of the hardest materials to clean. During the extension of street asphalt, specially sprinkled particles on light color create a very ugly effect. This product, with its ability to dissolve bitumen, makes detailing easy to clean, and its usage method is simple.

The method of using bitumen spray cleaner is easy, first clean and dry the out body from dirt and surface pollution. Then spray the material from a distance of 20 cm on the body and give time for the tar material to dissolve. Finally, remove the bitumen from the body with a paper towel or microfiber and clean it.

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