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Product description

High solid 2K acrylic clear coat, characterised by a high matt degree (2 gloss) and antiscratch properties. 923.MAT5 guarantees a uniform and basically constant matt effect independently of the thickness applied. Cutting it with gloss clear coats allows obtaining various degrees of matt effect with a range between 2 and 75 gloss. The clear coat is resistant and is not affected by chemical agents such as acid rain.

High gloss degree: 2 Gloss
Uniform satin effect, matt effect can be adjusted: 2-75 gloss
Speed: 30 minutes at 60°C, 18 hours at 20°C
Applicable directly on ABS
Easy to apply on both small and large surfaces
Excellent antiscratch and anti-abrasion features
In compliance with the regulations for use in body shops since it is a special finish

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