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Automatic gearbox cleaner ATF Cleaner

Automatic gearbox cleaner ATF Cleaner

Automatic gearbox cleaner ATF Cleaner volume 450 ml Quick Clean brand

The car automatic transmission cleaner produced by Quick Clean brand is offered under the brand name ATF Cleaner in a volume of 450 ml. The gearbox detergent supplement is one of the most commonly used products in the car repair shop, and considering the need of automatic cars to change the oil, it is recommended to clean the gearbox system before changing the oil. It is possible to use this product with the gearbox oil change machine and the operator must have received the necessary training to work with the machine.


How to use:

This product from the Quick Clean brand is very sensitive and must be used according to the instructions of the device. This solution must be used before changing the gearbox oil, and before adding the new gearbox oil, it must be ensured that the detergent is free from the gearbox system. First, he poured the contents of the can into the gearbox oil tank and let the car work for a maximum of 15 minutes in different modes and with different revolutions, then he drained and changed the gearbox oil and its filter according to the instructions of the car manufacturer. The content of 450 ml of material inside the can is enough for 8 liters, and if the capacity is higher, 90 ml of material is enough for each liter.


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