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Black 3Plus

Black 3Plus

Car tire wax spray is produced by Mafra company in Italy. This is a product with the brand name Black 3Plus and in the volume of 500 ml with herbal formulation and as an environmentally friendly product. This rubber polish restores the color of tire fabric without adhesion and oily substances, and with a pleasant aroma, it is beneficial during execution. The important property of rubber wax is anti-crack and great protection of the rubber crotch, which also increases the life of the tire.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of the car’s appearance is the tire, and using this product will have a special effect in renewing and blackening and removing the pale color of the tire crotch and will make the appearance of the car different.

Mafra gas spray wax with high durability protects the car tire and gives a beautiful appearance to your car for a long time.

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