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car engine washing foam spray

car engine washing foam spray

650 ml Quick Clean car engine washing foam spray

Engine washing and cleaning foam spray and engine surface descaler from Quick clean brand with non-petroleum formulation suitable for washing without water. By using Quick Clean engine surface cleaner spray with a volume of 650 ml, stop worrying about rust, dirt on the engine surface and damage to your car’s engine parts. With engine wash spray, all smoke, oil, dust and old deposits will be removed and the surface of the car’s engine will be shiny. Try to preserve and maintain the electronic parts of the engine by using waterless washing.


It is very easy to use spray foam for engine washing. First, give the engine time to cool down. If the engine temperature is high, the effective ingredients will evaporate and will have no effect. Spray the spray from the closest distance on the engine and inside the hood of the car and use the long red nozzle to reach the less accessible points. After spraying the Quick Clean engine cleaner, wait a few minutes until the foam disappears and the particles are washed along with the foam, and then use a tissue if there are stains and particles.

Another product for washing the engine surface is Quick Clean engine wash spray.

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