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Car Polishing Pad size 15

Car Polishing Pad size 15

Quick Clean semi-rough polishing pad size 15 is one of the products used in car color restoration and detailing, which is introduced as semi-rough with medium peeling power and is suitable for use by orbital polishing machine. Among the characteristics of this product, it can be mentioned the durability and integrity of the pad material, which is easily installed on the device’s baking pad with strong adhesive, and the operator has complete control over the surface of the car body.

The semi-rough polishing pad size 15 Quick Clean is mainly used in the medium exfoliation stage and depending on the amount of scratches on the car body, it provides the desired result with a rough or semi-rough polishing that is suitable for the orbital polishing machine. Angled edges This product helps the user in polishing the narrow surfaces and increases the elegance in the work. The middle cavity of this semi-rough polishing pad is very effective in controlling and reducing the heat of the pad during work, and due to the centrifugal force and accumulation of polishing paste in this cavity, it prevents waste of materials. The price of this product is very reasonable and it is durable.

This type of polishing pad needs proper polishing to achieve maximum exfoliation, and the user chooses rough polishing or semi-rough polishing based on the amount of scratches and color type according to the necessary training and experience. For example, using quick clean step one rough polish or other brands is the first recommendation and the type of step two polish that also has anti-hologram properties will be introduced in the next step. Also know that choosing all polishes from reputable brands and using this product is allowed and recommended.

This type of polishing pad is considered as one of the consumable products in detailing, but proper maintenance of this product helps increase its lifespan. Due to the heat generated during peeling from the car body, allow the pad to cool down while working and use soft brushes or toothbrushes to clean and remove the dust from the polishing paste after finishing the work. Also know that this product can be washed, but it is not recommended to use strong and unusual detergents to clean it. To prevent the surface of the polishing pad from rotting, be sure to put it in the sun to dry after washing.

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