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Self protective wax
Mafra self-protective sealing wax made with a blend of selected waxes
Polishes and protects the bodywork
Professional car wax

A car wax that is a real barrier to dirt, dust and impurities: a shield capable of reactivating after each wash to protect and polish the car, while giving a silk touch effect to the bodywork.

Its formulation, based on SILOXANE, gives a truly unparalleled shine, extra brilliance and great depth of color, especially for black cars and its action lasts over time without leaving halos or stains on the treated surfaces.

CARLUX is applied and spreads easily on the bodywork, reducing the rinsing and drying time after washing, immediately creating a silk effect on the paint and an anti-deposit barrier that lets dirt and smog slip: this effect will also resist numerous and repeated washes.

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