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Multi-purpose BMF cleaner

Multi-purpose BMF cleaner

Multi-purpose BMF cleaner and degreaser of the Quick clean brand is produced with a formula derived from BMF Worth, Germany, and is available in a volume of 4 kg. BMF degreaser is one of the most popular products in the automotive industry and detailing, and due to its high mixing ratio with water, it will be very economical for professional use. The composition ratio of this product is one liter of it in 10 to 15 liters of water, depending on the amount of dirt, and it is very suitable for removing internal mass and even contamination of the engine and parts under repair.

BMF degreaser can be used in light and heavy car repair shops, car washes, detailing and waterless washing of car engines, and even food industries and household uses (in case of complete washing of materials from the surfaces).


with a dashboard wax application pad.

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