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Dashboard wax spray

Dashboard wax spray

Dashboard wax spray and quick clean polisher in 500 ml volume

Quick Clean dashboard wax and polisher spray dashboard is a professional dashboard cleaner and protector with a standard formulation. This quick clean dashboard wax is produced in a volume of 500 ml and contains detergent and wax. It is also a non-sticky solution, does not absorb dust after applying wax, is anti-sunlight and eliminates unpleasant odors inside the car.

In addition to restoring the color of the dashboard and erasing the pale color caused by the harmful rays of the sun, Quick Clean tire Wax also has the ability to protect against UV rays and increases the lifespan of plastic and fiberglass parts inside the car. This product gives a special effect to the dashboard and will bring a sense of cleanliness to the passengers.

To use dashboard polishing spray, spray it on the surface from a distance of 20 cm and apply it on the surface with a clean and dry towel or with a dashboard wax application pad.

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