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Hippy Flower Power

Hippy Flower Power

Hippy Flower Power
Flower Power car fragrance diffuser
Delicate and pungent fragrance
It spreads its sweet fragrance throughout the car interior
Colorful collection of perfumes

HIPPY FLOWER POWER – SPICY PINK is the car perfume from MA-FRA’s colorful collection of fashion car perfumes.

A different car air freshener, in pink color, with a scent with a spicy rose fragrance.
This car perfume with a delicate and pungent fragrance at the same time, will give you the feeling of being immersed in a meadow full of roses, surrounded by a bucolic setting of the past.

In no time at all, the fragrance of Hippy Flower Power – Spicy Rose will envelop the passenger compartment of your car with pure happiness!

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