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Intensive Oil and Polish Remover

Intensive Oil and Polish Remover

Degreasing and cleaning spray for polishing powder before the application of quick clean nano ceramic body, volume 500 ml called Intensive Oil and Polish Remover

The degreasing spray before applying car body ceramics and polishing powder cleaner is from Quick Clean brand. This degreaser is available as commercial name of Intensive oil and polish cleaner in a volume of 500 ml, and this product is used in car detailing to clean the body from the grease and pollen left from the priming and polishing of the body before applying nano ceramic.

Holograms are created in the priming stage for applying ceramic and also, the silicone effects of some types of polish reduce the quality of the foundation, which can be cleaned with degreasing spray. In applying the ceramic coating of the auto body, the surface must be completely free of dust and grease resulting from polishing, so that the ceramic coating can be applied well on the body, and it also increases the life span of the ceramic coating.


در دیتیلینگ خودرو طرز استفاده از اسپری چربی زدا بسیار آسان بوده و اهمیت دارد، برخی به اشتباه الکل شویی می کنند و با استفاده از الکل سفید اقدام به از بین بردن چربی می نمایند که به دلایلی مانند خشک کردن الکل نتیجه مطلوبی حاصل نمی شود
In car detailing, the way to use degreasing spray is very easy and important, some people mistakenly wash with alcohol and use white spiritto remove oil, which for reasons such as alcohol drying does not give a good result.

After undercoating and revitalizing the color, before applying the ceramics, wash the bodywork with water and wax free shampoo, then use wind pressure to wipe the water drops from the body and dry it. To remove the remaining grease from the polishing process or the hologram created on the body, spray the ingredients of this product on a soft microfiber cloth and gently clean the body with a cloth dipped in degreasing material.

The result of this product, in addition to degreasing and removing the polishing dust left over from the polishing process, is removing the effect of filling or filler polishes. In case of using low quality polish that fills scratches and not removing them, the degreaser spray cleans the inside of the scratches and causes them to appear.

This helps detailing process, in addition to measuring the quality of polishing, checking the final substructure and preparing the surface for applying the nano ceramic layer.

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