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interior cleaner

interior cleaner

Interior cleaner multi-purpose anti-seize spray for car interior cleaning in 500 ml volume

Quick Clean cleaning and degreasing spray with a hygienic formulation is suitable for cleaning all types of synthetic leather seats and interior plastic parts of the car, roof, belt and inside the door. The multi-use interior cleaner of Quick Clean with the trade name Interior Cleaner in the volume of 500 ml with a pleasant aroma has the ability to remove dirt from smoke and nicotine, by using the versatile Quick Clean spray reduce the cost of dry cleaning the interior of the car. Shake the multi-use sprayer and spray it on fabric, plastic, etc., and after about 30 seconds, start cleaning with a soft cloth.

Interior cleaner does not leave stains and is very safe for interior cleaning and can be used even in sensitive parts of the car interior such as leather seats. The pleasant scent of this product makes the environment inside the car fragrant and creates a sense of cleanliness.

It is very easy to use this product to clean the inside of the car. How to use this product: spray a sufficient amount of material on the desired surface and then, using a clean and slightly wet microfiber towel, spread the material slowly on the surface and clean the surface easily. If the surface is porous, like the dashboard, it is recommended to use a soft detailing brush to spread the material on the surface and inside the grooves, and then collect the material with a damp cloth.

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