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MONSTER Drying Towel

MONSTER Drying Towel

A modern type of drying towel with a unique type of Korean “Twisted Pile” fiber. It’s characterized by a very high absorbency and quick-drying fiber. The dense and delicate microfiber structure doesn’t leave scratches and is safe for any type of varnish. Perfect for drying medium and large cars. High-quality fiber allows you to work without the risk of leaving streaks on the car’s paintwork. The towel has a laser-cut WORK STUFF logo and fabric trim on the edges


Size – 90 / 73cm
Density – 515g / m2
“Twisted Pile” microfiber
Quick-drying fibers
High absorbency
Dense and delicate microfiber
Safe for the paintwork

Remember to wash the product before first use.


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