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Octane Booster

Octane Booster

Gasoline octane supplement is one of the most widely used products for 4-stroke gasoline-fueled cars, which Quick Clean brand is known as one of the most high-quality products with a formula under the license of Germany and under the brand name Octane Booster in the volume of 300 ml in the Iranian market has been

One of the features of using gasoline octane supplement is to increase the compression ratio in the engine, which results in an increase in horsepower and engine power, due to which the acceleration of the car increases, the fuel burns better, and the engine does not knock, fuel consumption is reduced. and produces less pollution. Also know that using low-quality and non-standard octane can damage the car engine and destroy the fuel cycle.

The most important feature of using octane gasoline is to increase the octane percentage in the fuel, which will be provided in this text, but in general, this additional volume of gasoline is suitable for mixing with 50 to 60 liters of fuel, and it is 5 to 9 liters. It is recommended to pour all the contents of the bottle into the gas tank before refueling and then refueling.


To learn more about gasoline octane, simple but important things can be mentioned:

In 4-stroke engines with gasoline fuel, one of the stages is the combination of air and fuel, after which by pressurizing this mixture in the cylinder, it reduces the volume of fuel and prepares it for ignition after sparking by the spark plug of the car. The amount of compression is called the compression ratio or octane number, and in simpler terms, the octane number of gasoline tells us how much the combination of air and fuel can condense until it explodes by itself.

If the condensed mixture of fuel explodes before sparking, it is called shock, which has the possibility of damaging the car engine and its accessories such as piston and connecting rod. Therefore, by increasing the octane number of gasoline, the fuel condensation tolerance has been increased to prevent this from happening. Also know that in engines with high power and horsepower, it is necessary to increase the octane number of gasoline because a high-powered engine needs a higher fuel compression ratio to achieve the engine’s nominal power.

One of the symptoms of using improper gasoline with gasoline octane lower than the standard declared by the manufacturer, for sensitive and turbo engines, is disruption of engine performance, reduction of engine acceleration and power, and so-called engine knocking. In some cars, there is a warning light for fuel
quality and octane number, and to turn off this warning, it is recommended to use Worth German gasoline booster, Worth Octane supplement under German license and Sonax Octane Booster. Of course, there are other brands with the necessary standards that have not been introduced in this discussion due to their high price.

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