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Polish Corrector 2.0 1000gr

Polish Corrector 2.0 1000gr

Step 1 Polish Heavy Cut Compound
Versatile compound without silicones and fillers
Micro Abrasive Technology Formula
25% more cutting power

CORRÉCTOR 2.0 is a very versatile compound without silicones or fillers, water-based that, thanks to its Micro Abrasive Technology (MAT) formula, guarantees a clear cut and an excellent finish already at the cutting stage.

Ideal both for use with orbital and rotary polisher. Provides extreme comfort during all processing stages. The product is ideal both on hard and soft surfaces. Use with a rotary polisher and a wool pad or with an orbital polisher and a microfibre pad, it provides a fast and amazing cut. It has been specifically developed to reduce and simplify cutting time, whilst retaining exceptional results similar to a finisher, thereby saving time for the operator. Residues can be easily removed. The product has a deep action in eliminating marks of P1500 sanding and scratches without covering them, even on clear scratch-proof paint, OEM and repainted surfaces. It can also be used on clear protective films without damaging them and effectively ensure they look as good as new.

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