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#PRÌMUS is the first pre-wash in the detailing world to obtain VDA certification, an independent German body that certifies the compatibility of chemical products on the most delicate materials on cars and motorcycles.
#PRÌMUS is in fact an alkaline detergent free of free caustic salts. It maintains its excellent qualities in complete safety on any paint and material, even the most delicate present on sports cars and motorcycles.
#PRÌMUS, #PURÌFICA, #SÈMPER and #REVÌTAX are part of the 3ph combined car wash cycle of Labocosmetica.

How to use:

For cleaning rims and tires dilution 1: 3 up to 1:10 ; for cleaning of parts low of the car , side members , bumper or removal of midges 1:20 dilution ; for cleaning very dirty cars dilution 1:50 dispensing the product from bottom to top; for washing medium-dirty cars dilution 1:80 by dispensing the product from bottom to top; for frequent washing 1: 100.

DISPENSING WITH FOAM GUN SYSTEM : in this case it is advisable to respect the normal dilutions obtaining delivery output such as those recommended with spray dispenser above describe. The final dilution varies according to the pressure washer used. We generally recommend diluting # PRÌMUS 1: 5 for winter dirt , 1:10 for summer dirt . After application wait a few minutes and rinse with high pressure .

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