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The limestone particles that are deposited on the bodywork can be caused by imperfect drying, by summer storms or sandy rains rich in minerals or by acid rain that weighs down and drastically reduces the life and self-cleaning effect of the protective applied previously.
#PURÌFICA solves the problem at the root by dissolving and sequestering effectively, in a delicate way, the calcium, the mineral deposits deposited on the bodywork and the residues of contamination caused by acid rain.
#PURÌFICA, #SÈMPER, #REVÌTAX and #PRÌMUS are part of the 3ph combined car wash cycle of Labocosmetica.

How to use:

The #PURÌFICA shampoo is very versatile and can be used with different dilutions. To purify the and surfaces protected by Nano Coating , use at least every 3 washes with dilution 1:60 and apply it with a glove. In case of sandy rains, full of mineral residues, or in the presence of cars with a stay under the snow , always use it as a shampoo maintenance post coating with dilution or as a second pre-wash 1 to 40 leave it i rest for about 4 minutes without allowing it to dry on the bodywork and rinse. # PURÌFICA can be used in foam gun in the dilution of 1 to 6 with a final dilution of 1 to 80 . To eliminate the contamination of limestone more marked: use # PURÌFICA 1:10, dispense it spray and use with glove or brush on the most contaminated part such as emblems and writings chrome of cars plastics around the windscreen wipers . In the case of persistent stains or strong limescale contamination or mineral deposits such as rust stains in concrete, we recommend the use of our # ÈNERGO “Acid Rain Water Stain Remover” .

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