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Scrubmaster B115 R

Scrubmaster B115 R

This has been replaced by the Scrubmaster B120R.

New features including the ‘boost’ function for heavily soiled areas and silent mode contribute to increased efficiency, reduced pollution and low-noise operation.

The B115 R is available in plate and cylindrical brush models, suitable to every floor cleaning application.

Model versions
The Scrubmaster B115 R disc brush is available fitted with a 65, 75 or 90 cm wide disc brush unit, enabling an area coverage of up to 5,800 m²/h.
The new disc brush heads are driven by two independent drive motors, the
brush pressure can be adjusted.

The disc brush unit is equipped with Hako Aqua Control brushes which save both water and cleaning agent. All disc brush models are provided with a brush release mechanism which enables brushes to be changed quickly and easily.

The Scrubmaster B115 R cylindrical brush is available fitted with a 70 or 85 cm wide cylindrical brush unit, enabling an area coverage of up to 5,500 m²/h. Cylindrical brushes are particularly suited for work on structured floors or tiled floors with joints, ensuring thorough cleaning and sweeping up of coarser debris.

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