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Step 1 Polish Heavy Cut Compound

Step 1 Polish Heavy Cut Compound

Can be applied manually and by machine for conventional and scratchproof paint types sutiable for use n used and new paint surfaces silicone-free,economical,low dust formation effotrtlessy removes sanding grooves from a grain of P1200 upwards.work initially at 800 t 1200 rpm.

500 grams of Quick clean car polish for removing deep scratches

Car polish is hard or exfoliating (scrub) (abrasive) polish produced by Quick Clean brand. Quick car polish with high exfoliation power and coarse hardness is known as the first stage body polish in the car detailing industry and is offered in the market under the brand name Abrasive polish in a volume of 500 grams.

This type of car polishing is used as one of the most widely used detailing products to remove deep scratches on the auto body; among the characteristics of hard car polishing, we can mention the absence of pollen during work, comfort and ease during car polishing and simple wiping. In the production of hard car polish, thanks to its Micro Abrasive Technology, guarantees a clear cut and an excellent finish already at the cutting stage The exfoliation capability of this car polisher is with P1200 sanding roughness grade to remove scratches and it is used for fabric colors, OEM colors, metallic and repainted.

The materials used in this production are odorless, and also ideal for use with manually and orbital and rotary polishers. The structural base of this car polisher is made of quality materials, and for the best result, it is recommended to use a hard car polishing pad or a semi-rough polishing pad, preferably a pad of a reputable brand.

For more exfoliation, it is better to use quick clean hard polish with wool pad; but it is recommended that before using hard car polish, the thickness of the paint should be checked with a thickness gauge, and trained people should act to exfoliation the body. Because otherwise, there is a possibility of losing the paint layer, revealing the lining and seriously damaging the color of the car body.

In the compositions of this hard polish, silicone materials and compounds or fillers have not been used in any way; It is good to know that if fillers are used in the production of car polish, scratches will not disappear, but will be filled. This issue causes a deviation in the result of the final work. In fact, if you use pigment or fillers in the car polishing composition, after washing the car one or two times, all the scratches will return and the effects of the car polishing will disappear completely. On the other hand, the use of grain color in the production of car polishing paste will change the state of the lines and scratches on the car body color and make the interior of these lines and scratches the same color as the car body.

In general, a suitable and usable car polish is a polish that does not splash around the work surface during work and is controllable; this means that the exfoliating material is concentrated in the desired points of the polisher and the car polishing paste has a high exfoliating power. One of the characteristics of a suitable car polish in detailing is the final result after removing the body polish. Also know that the smaller the deviation in body peeling and the closer the observed result is to reality, it indicates that the car polishing was done more professionally and with quality materials. The use of hard car polish is possible for both hard and soft surfaces, and the particles left by the exfoliating polish can be easily cleaned from the body after polishing.

In many cases, the auto body needs to be checked and recognized for scratches. In car detailing, experts must first choose the hard polishing material, then the car polishing pad, and finally the right type of polish machine, depending on the amount of scratches and the color of the car. To complete the polishing operation, after hard polishing (the same peeling polish) which tries to remove deep lines and scratches, other items such as soft polishing and even the final polishing of the second stage of Quick Clean called Anti Hologramm & Seal Polish can also be used. After removing deep scratches and rough polishing, this product is used to polish the car body and remove the hologram. View the specialized description of soft polish by clicking on its brand name.

Directions for using Quick Clean Coarse Car Polish: Pour a very small amount of polishing material on a suitable pad. To use the rotary polisher, start with a speed of 800-900 rpm and increase to 1200 rpm. Make sure that a little pressure is applied to the device while working and that the work is finally finished with 800-900 revolutions per minute. In case of using Quick clean hard polisher together with the orbital polisher, start working at speed 1-2 on a surface with dimensions of 40 x 40 square centimeters and gradually reach the maximum speed and then again at speed 1-2 to finish the job. be returned It is also possible to use this product for hand polishing.

After finishing the polishing work with hard
car polishing and ensuring the peeling effect, (if the second stage of polishing is needed, with soft polishing or final stage car polishing wax), it is recommended to completely wash the car body without wax with shampoo and Wash until all the particles left from the polishing process are cleaned. Because if the particles remain on the body and another polish is used again, it is possible to create scratches on the body again. Compliance with this item is very important both for polishing and in the case of underlayment for the implementation of body ceramics.

Undoubtedly, polishing the auto body is a specialized work that requires sufficient skill and must be performed by a person who has received a course in the field of polishing.
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