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Supermafrasol by Mafra is an extremely concentrated professional industrial degreaser, developed to solve the serious cleaning problems in the industrial sector. Mafra best seller product in the professional sector, finally available for everyone!
Composed of surfactants capable of dissolving any type of dirt such as grease, smog, even encrusted or carbonaceous, guaranteeing professional performance on all kinds of dirt.
Supermafrasol is multipurpose and is used for cleaning cars, vans, trucks, semi-trailers, excavators, containers, tanks, lathes, engines, mechanical parts, industrial machinery and all the various surfaces that require deep and safe detergency and cleaning.
For every problem of dirt, Supermafrasol offers the guarantee of a great clean, ensuring in a single pass a complete cleaning, eliminating the most stubborn dirt even from porous surfaces. Supermafrasol allows to eliminate the traffic film and the halo patinas that form on light-colored cars.
It is also suitable for cleaning floors, oven hoods, grills and all surfaces where maximum cleaning power is required.
Supermafrasol is a leading concentrated industrial degreaser due to its intensive detergency characteristics which are obtained even at extreme dilutions, highly dilutable in water.

How to use:
– dilute from 1: 5 to 1:55, depending on the amount of dirt and encrustation to be removed, the surface on which it is used and the contact times of the solution with the part to be cleaned.
– rinse with plenty of water and then dry

– do not let the solution dry on the surface
– do not use on aluminum or alloys
– cleaning operation to be carried out away from the sun

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