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SW15-FOAM-LIGHT is the ideal machine for cleaning upholstery with short drying time. It sprays a special dense foam on the surface to be cleaned. After some seconds the dirt is removed by vacuuming foam with the hand tool. Unlike a normal solution of water and detergent, dense foam does not penetrate in the depth of the textile, but acts only on the superficial layer, just where the dirt lies. This allows an excellent cleaning result and a very short drying time. The new High Waterlift technology further improves both cleaning and drying time. The foam humidity degree is adjustable.

SW15-FOAM-LIGHT, patented, does not contain a compressor for the production of the compressed air which is necessary to create foam. Compressed air is obtained by an external compressor. SW15-FOAM-LIGHT is therefore smaller, lighter and cheaper than SW15-FOAM.

Moreover, the Santoemma dense foam extractors can be equipped with a special gun for turbo nebulization@50micron to completely sanitize the car interior after the cleaning of upholstery. This gun can spray a mix of air and very small liquid particles, with a diameter of 50 micron only.

Their small size allows the particles to float in the air jet and to easily reach every point of the environment. The sanitizing jet can reach points 4 meters away from the operator. By directing the jet properly, small environments can be saturated quickly and evenly.

With 50micron turbo-nebulization the particles leave very little moisture on the surfaces, setting evenly and leaving them only slightly moist for a few minutes. In this way the chemical is able to act for the necessary time to perform its sanitizing action.The car is ready to use immediately after the sanitizing treatment. The sanitizing particles are nebulized into the passenger compartment, saturating it, and reaching even the most difficult to reach places, including air conditioning ducts.

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