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Tire Foam Cleaner

Tire Foam Cleaner

Quick clean foam tire spray for cleaning and polishing tires with a volume of 650 ml

Quick Clean brand tire foam spray with standard formulation and suitable packaging with a volume of 650 ml and with the brand name Tire Foam Cleaner has gained the positive opinion of many consumers in a short time. With a pleasant fragrance and a very suitable spray, Quick Clean tire foam will wash your tire and give it a great shine without the need for manual intervention.

By using Quick Clean foam tire washer, protect your tire from sunlight and dust and be diligent in the beauty of your car. How to use: spray it on the car tire and with the created foam, apply the material to the entire tire with a cloth or sponge. The best result appears after washing the car. The thick foam of tire foam slowly disappears and cleans the dirt from the surface of the tire and leaves a shine.

Quick clean Tire Foam is suitable for both professional use and car wash, and it can be used personally after washing the car. The emphasis is on the cleanliness of the car tire to get better results and also the longer durability of the tire wax. To make car tires more shiny, you can use quick clean tire wax spray after using rubber foam.

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