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Tire Shine

Tire Shine

Quick Clean brand tire wax spray is available in 500 ml volume to make car tires shiny and black.
This wax tire is also used as a protector with the ability to renew the tire crotch. The brand name of this product is Tire Shine and it is very suitable for both car wash and personal use and it is easy to use.

The method of using tire wax is easy. First, wash the tire with water and shampoo and after it dries a little, spray the tire wax on the tire in a limited and controlled amount. Spread the sprayed material on the crotch of the rubber with a sponge or a clean cloth to cover the entire surface. After the material dries, move the car so that dust does not settle on the material.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important products for protecting car tires from sunlight and other weather-damaging factors is the use of tire wax, which protects the tire in addition to its appearance and creating water-repellent properties.

You can use Workstaff’s wax sponge applicator to apply tire wax.


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