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Tire Shine

Tire Shine

Gas tire wax spray of Quick Clean brand protects and polishes tires. This Quick Clean tire wax is offered in the market as Tire Shine in a volume of 500 ml. Tire wax is used to protect and shine the outer surface of the car tire, and this product, which helps to blacken the tire and fixes the paleness , is one of the most widely used car products.

Non-absorption of dust and quick drying are the characteristics of this product, which is used both in car washes and personally after washing the car. Wax Tire is very easy to use. First, wash the tire with water and shampoo and after it dries completely, spray the wax on it. Avoid getting the rim stained with substances. Then spread the material on the surface with a sponge or a napkin and try not to absorb the material on the cloth.

One of the easiest ways to take care of car tires is to use car tire wax and polish. It means using the right rubber wax from a reputable brand. In addition to creating water repellency, tire wax protects car tires from harmful atmospheric factors such as sunlight.


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