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Ideal for removing marks, scratches and contamination. Perfect for all types of glass . balanced formula that guarantees a constant and regular cut. Specific polish designed for the removal of scratches and imperfections from glass surfaces. Its special formula consisting of a abrasive mixture with a high degree of purity composed of rare earths and cerium oxide , is balanced in order to obtain a high hardness and a constant and regular cut, characteristics that make #VITREO the solution suitable for restoring crystals, mirrors, windshield.

How to use:

Cover the sensitive parts of the car with body repair tape such as fabric-plastic hoods and rubber moldings. To work for small areas at a time , we recommend boulders mo 20x20cm. Dampen the special micro pad of felt as thin as a disk and distribute the product evenly.
During polishing, spray some water or our #LUBRIFICA to make it work better the product and avoid excessive overheating of the surface thus excluding the risk of creating micro-scratches. For the successful removal of scratches it is advisable to use the rotary polisher at a max speed of 1000 RPM using, preferably, a pad soft in order to reduce the vibrations of the micro pad in felt. In any case, avoid applying excessive pressure during processing to avoid overheating of the treated surface.

For the removal of excess product it is recommended the use of a cloth in microfibre soft, clean and damp, as the surface will be hot after processing and this would create stains and halos. Do not perform more than 2 steps repeatedly on the same work area. If a further step is necessary, move to another area letting the previously treated surface cool down. Only resume processing when the surface is no longer hot. Repeat the operations described above until complete finishing.

To eliminate stains of limestone and other contaminations such as pretreatment of the surface at the subsequent application of sealants such as ours #AQUAVELOX or nano coating antirain, you can use a random orbital polisher or a microfiber pad if used manually. To polish it is recommended to use the Rayon felt pad.

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