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Wheel Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner spray and degreasing from Quick Clean brand in 500 ml volume

Quick Clean rim wash spray or rim degreaser with standard formulation. This 500 ml Quick Clean rim cleaner with the Wheel Cleaner brand is ideal for removing the ageing dirt that has penetrated the rim and also reveal the original appearance of the rim parts after washing. To use this product, after shaking the bottle, spray the degreasing liquid on the cold rim and then clean it with a special brush or sponge and clean the material and dirt from the rim with water pressure.

wheel Cleaner spray does not damage the tire and it’s one of the most important features of this, and even this product removes the dirt left on the tire, and in the process of using this product, tire degreasing is also done. If desired, this product is also offered with a two-mode trigger, and the product can be removed from the spray both normally and as a foam. Active foam speeds up cleaning and makes materials work better.

It is important to use a standard rim washer for completed detailing of the rim, but to remove urban pollution and dust from the brake pads, physical force also speeds up cleaning. Rim wash brush is one of these products that causes physical force and does not damage even sensitive rims

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