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SAM is a type of stand-alone coating which, thanks to the Self Assembled Monolayer technology on which it is based, can be applied as a single layer, guaranteeing effective chemical-physical protection on any type of bodywork.

The #Labocosmetica coatings were subjected to various stress tests first in the laboratory and then directly in the field thanks to the collaboration of different detailers international . We have selected the cities with the most extreme climatic conditions in the world: Dubai (United Arab Emirates) for the scorching heat and its sandstorms , Delhi (India) and Manila (Philippines) ) for the suffocating smog and tropical heat, Moscow (Russia) and Gothenburg (Sweden) for the harsh cold and road conditions, as well as the major European capitals where climatic and road conditions are certainly more normal. It should be noted that for the entire duration of the tests it was not always possible to comply with the coating maintenance program recommended by us . This allowed us to check the conditions of the treated surface in the worst situation. With the results of the numerous tests we have made a weighted average which shows that one year of life of our coatings is approximately 15,000 km . Based on this data, we can therefore state that the Minimum Duration of #SAM is 30,000 km or 2 years. SAM is an 80% chemical and 20% physical coating.
Thanks to the “Self Assembled Monolayer” technology, it can be applied alone, as a single layer, guaranteeing effective chemical-physical protection on any bodywork.
The presence of a higher component chemical makes it very easy to apply and the result is an excellent balance between physical protection against limescale abrasions and protection from rays UV , from agents chemical aggressive (like bird guano ) and hydrophobic rendering for a incredible self-cleaning effect.

SAM forms a bond stable chemical and thus obtain the best made possible in terms of effectiveness and duration.

Duration 2 years
108° contact angle. Self-cleaning capability
3D Gloss


How to use:

An accurate preparation of the surface to be treated is essential for the correct fixing and maintenance of the coating. We recommend that you always observe these simple rules:

the surface must be decontaminated and free from any residue;
remove old waxes from the surface , sealants or coatings before proceeding;
the surface must be perfectly free from surface scratches, marks and stains which, if present, must be removed with a polisher;
if you are working with a new car that does not require corrective paint work, proceed with a decontaminating wash to remove any residues from transport;
the bodywork must be completely degreased : use Vèritas in the dilution 1: 5 before applying the coating. This step is mandatory!

Always apply the coating in covered and dust-free environments , never outdoors. We recommend the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in this case the solvent steam mask. Never work in direct sunlight. Make sure the work area is well ventilated. There are two main factors that influence the application of coatings: temperature and humidity . The higher the temperature and / or humidity , the shorter the coating installation time. We suggest
to work on small sections of maximum 50x50cm . It is essential to use correct lighting. Apply the coating using reflected lights. Point your lamp at the wall or ceiling – this will help you spot possible smudges that you will need to remove immediately . The initial fixing time of the SAM and HPC coatings of #Labocosmetica with the treated surface is a few minutes : therefore use microfibre cloths to eliminate residues and carry out the finish. Make sure that the car remains in optimal conditions without the risk of rain or sudden changes in humidity: the curing time necessary to allow the partial closure of the coating takes place within 12 hours , while the total one takes place within 36 hours and it is advisable not to wash the car for the first 7/10 days. If you have an infrared lamp, place it at a distance of 50cm for about 15-20 minutes at 60 ° C temperature to fix the coating to the surface. Always respect the application instructions of the individual products.



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