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Today, one of the most commercial matters that is raised about the quality of nano ceramic coating of the body is its hardness. This unit, which is sometimes misused, is a scientific and laboratory standard that we review for the information of our colleagues in the car detailing industry.

Pencil Scale is used to measure surface hardness. This test is performed by pressing a pencil with specific hardness and specific force on the surface and at an angle of 45 degrees. The angle of 45 degrees is the highest degree that does not cause marks on the surface and the pencil does not leave a mark on the surface. The effect left by the force on the surface determines the resistance of the surface according to the hardness of the pencil.

The hardness of the pencil depends on the amount of baked graphite and clay in its composition. Pencils come in two types: hard and soft. The letter H is the sign of the hardness scale, the highest of which is 9, and the lowest number is 1, and the letter F, which indicates the middle level, and the letter B, which indicates the level of softness of the pencil from 1 to 9. As a result, the hardest scale is 9H and the softest is 9B.

In the nano ceramic coating of the body, this criterion varies in hardness from 5H to 9H. It is noteworthy that the pencil hardness test is only one of several tests used to evaluate coatings.

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