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Nowadays, in the car detailing industry, one of the most popular services is the application of ceramic coating on the car body, and many detailers are eager to learn and acquire skills in the field of applying nano ceramics. Considering the variety of brands available in the market as well as the variety of quality and hardness and glossiness of nano ceramics, the cost of ceramic implementation is also different. As explained in the previous articles about nano ceramic coating of the body, the implementation of ceramics is divided into three main stages. If you want to read more, read what is car detailing blog.

The first step is to create a desirable surface free of scratches and underlayment, and the second step is to apply nano ceramic materials on the body and spread the material and wipe it off the body, and finally, the last step is the maintenance method after applying the ceramic body. Was. In this discussion, there are some tips on how to maintain the car after ceramic application, which is very necessary to increase the life of this product, and also introduce some professional materials in the field of car detailing.

The nano ceramic body coating is a polymer material that is produced with nano technology and is used as a protective and shiny layer with high durability in the detailing industry. The type of underlayment and the method of body ceramic implementation are definitely very important in the final quality, but in addition to the obligations of the ceramic operator, the car owner must also be diligent and aware in maintaining the car after the ceramic body implementation so as not to damage it.

Depending on the type of ceramic used for detailing work, the time required to complete the polymer molecular bond after the ceramic is applied will be very important. In standard brands, the duration of primary care after applying nano ceramics will be one to two hours. At this time, avoid taking the car out and exposing it to dust or possible rain. Another important period of time is the first 24 hours after applying ceramics. At this time, refrain from performing any kind of water repellency test and by impacting the body, and try to avoid contact of water with the ceramic surface.

In case of nano ceramic coating, refrain from washing the car for 72 hours after the application. Due to the completion of the nano ceramic molecular bond, the possibility of water spilling on the car is avoided, but washing with detergents and applying physical force such as pulling a handkerchief or towel on the car The body destroys the work surface. In the instructions of most reputable nano ceramic brands, they do not recommend car washing in the first week and it is preferable to use water pressure to remove dust and surface dirt. In general, manual or traditional car washes and the use of common materials in car washes are not recommended, because in order to be economical in the cost of materials and speed up car washing, most car washes use industrial detergents with high cleaning power and damage to the body.To avoid any kind of damage to the ceramic body, it is recommended to use personal wax shampoo in car washes. Shampoo wax from brands such as Mafra Italy, Wurth Germany and Sonax Germany are highly recommended for washing the body, and microfiber towels with soft fibers also prevent scratches on the body. Note that before washing, clean the body of the car from all stuck particles and dust with water pressure, and then clean the body with a cloud or a soft microfiber cloth and shampoo, and also use several separate cloths for the rim. And tires, body and roof are recommended.

From the professional detailing line of Labocosmetica Italy, in addition to creating gloss, it will increase the water repellency of the body and also help to extend the effect of the ceramic coating.

From the professional detailing line of Labocosmetica Italy, in addition to creating gloss, it will increase the water repellency of the body and also help to extend the effect of the ceramic coating. Another very professional way to extend the glossiness and water repellency of the ceramic coating is to use Labocosmetica nano coating. These products under the brand name CUPIDO and its complement, a product called Perfecta, create water repellency and shine with a durability of 5 to 9 months, which are very affordable and high quality to extend the effect of the old ceramic body.

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