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When you drive at night, do you have a hard time seeing the road? The sun, rain, and road conditions may have taken their toll on your acrylic headlights and caused them to turn cloudy. Severely foggy headlights can reduce visibility by up to 50 percent. On top of this, hazy headlights are just plain ugly. Let’s uncover the reasons why your headlights get foggy and what you can do to stop it.

The lights can be blurry, each of which is mentioned separately, not cleaning the lights and not fixing them will cause damage to the transparency and dimming of the light surface, long-term exposure to sunlight and the harmful rays of the sun, which also cause damage to the rear lights. The color fades, the use of lamps with non-standard xenon lighting with high wattage and lamps that create non-standard heat in the lamp bowl, the poor quality of the material used in the lamp and also the brightness of the lamps that is still there. They are warm, they become yellow or faded.

What are the ways to fix the foggy of the headlight? To remove the yellowness, you can go to a reputable car detailing center and fix this problem, or you can do it yourself at home by getting the necessary equipment. Most of the detailing workers use the headlight polish which is produced for a brief layering on the lamp to remove the basic matting of the lamp, as well as the headlight polishing kit, which includes a size 7 air polishing machine and sandpaper in different roughness, and lamp polishing pad as well. It is a good option for detailing headlights.

If you want to remove the blurring of the headlight using a manual kit, you must first remove the surface with shampoo without wax and water and clean it with a towel and dry it completely. Then, using the abrasive sandpaper in the kit, peeling of the surface of the headlight is performed and by changing the coarse sandpaper to medium and finally, sanding the software to remove the yellowness and small scratches on the headlight, it is ensured.

The instructions for using sandpaper are as follows:

If the opacity and yellowness of the lamp is too much, first start sanding with 600 coarse sandpaper, note that Talc is very sensitive and if you use coarser sandpapers, you may have irreplaceability. In the continuation of the work, after the rough sandpaper 600, go to the medium sandpaper 1000 and use it to catch the halos of the rough sandpaper and clean the work surface from smaller cracks. Use software sandpaper 2000 to solve the halo and very small scratches and possibly completely remove the remaining yellowness, and in the last step, sand the surface of the lamp with very soft sandpaper 4000 and make the surface of the headlight uniform.

After this step, we put the work surface again with water and shampoo, and then I polish the surface with a special pad and make the surface transparent and remove the remaining dullness on the surface. It is not necessary to use an air sander at this stage, but it is recommended. To create more shine, the use of headlight polisher and lamp ceramic protective layer also helps to improve the quality of work.


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