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Your car is damaged in environmental conditions and urban changes. Over time and with more use of the car, the wear and tear of the body, interior and engine reduces the quality of the cabin. In addition to fun and interest in the car, it can save capital and make you more relaxed in your driving. The higher your personal real and spiritual value, the more attention you will pay to its maintenance. What is car detailing?!

Car detailing is the process of improving the condition of a vehicle’s interior and exterior appearance. This involves the most thorough clean possible, any enhancement to deal with minor defects such as clear coat scratches, and protection to maintain the condition.

The first stage of car detailing: washing

The first stage of car detailing is washing and de-scaling the body and removing the pollution left on the car body. At this stage, it doesn’t matter if the car is new or old, classic, modern or super sports. The important thing is that you know that this car is valuable for the customer and at the end of the car detailing work, a different effect of the car is going to be presented.In the stage of washing the body, we try to eliminate environmental and urban pollution. We separate the washing stage into 3 parts: initial washing, complete and main washing of the body with two separate towels and finally drying the car surface. In car detailing, the washing stage is the preparation of the car body for the next steps and is a suitable foundation for a professional work and speeding up the next steps. Therefore, this step must be done well to start detailing the car.Removing oxide particles on the car body and paint with special materials called P-Ray can create a smooth surface. Remember that it is not possible to remove these particles with shampoo. Descaling with special substances creates a purple color, which indicates a chemical reaction to remove metal oxides on the rim and body. Paying attention to the details of washing in car detailing is the first and most important point.Simple foam shampoo without wax and strong is used in the initial washing. At this stage, there is no need to use gloves and a special cloth for washing, and only the initial dirt is washed from the body with the pressure of water. Then, the original shampoo is used together with special gloves for washing, and use two gloves to wash the main points and dusty places such as under the pedals and bumper of the car so as not to cause excess scratches on the body. At the last stage of washing the steel and chrome parts and the car windows, pay attention to the details and possibly its felt roof.

The last step in the initial washing part of car detailing is to dry the body with a water-absorbing microfiber towel. The absorbent towel is woven from soft fibers that prevent scratches on the body during drying. To complete the work, it is necessary to load and coat the body with lubricants to create a suitable foundation. Kellibar creates a soft surface by absorbing small particles and causes the color of the car to lighten.


The second stage of detailing is related to cleaning the interior of the car and the engine of the car, which is one of the important stages of car detailing due to the driver’s position in the cabin. The temperature and sunlight cause the car’s interior trim color to fade, and the discoloration of the fiberglass parts is also very important. Scaling the seat leather and feeding it is one of the important points in this stage of car detailing. Cleaning the interior carpets is the first step of this process, which is done by using a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, and anti-scratch materials inside the car. Paying attention to details is still one of the most important points when detailing a car.It is very important to use special brushes for car detailing and suitable materials for washing the pedals and the inside of the car door, and it causes scaling of all points and the elimination of old and remaining scales. After this, washing the seat, dashboard and door with leather or cloth washing materials with a car detailing brush is a priority; Don’t forget the steering wheel and gear lever at this stage. Finally, the leather feeder and stabilizing material that is free of silicone and oil compounds also creates the initial effect and is one of the very important points of this part of car detailing.In the next step, we go to the car engine and inside the hood. Due to the oiliness and sensitivity of the parts, as well as the oldness of some connections, washing the engine requires special materials, a detailing brush, and a steam cleaner. In this section, the use of water pressure and waterjet is not recommended. It is reminded again that paying attention to details is also very important at this stage.The third stage of car detailing: polishing the car bodyAfter completing the previous two stages of car detailing, you will notice that you have created a different appearance with minimal changes to the car, without replacing parts and painting the body, and only by cleaning and de-scaling. Now it’s time to finalize the work in the third stage of car detailing and you have prepared a platform for the third stage.The last step in car detailing is polishing the car body and creating a protective layer with nano ceramic materials. At this stage of car detailing, the entire surface of the body is checked with an LED light and the amount of scratches will be detected. Then, with a paint thickness gauge, according to the type of car and the year of operation, all the points are measured for thickness and the amount of peeling is checked. This step is very important to restore the color of the car. Do not forget to record the thickness of the paint in detail.
In polishing, it is very important to cover the sensitive points of the car, such as steel and chrome parts, with a special detailing tape with high precision. If not covered, sensitive parts will be damaged during polishing and it will make polishing difficult. Note that the use of suitable light without color spectrum and in a linear form in car detailing helps a lot to identify the damaged parts. Also, during the work of the polisher, he will have a better command of how to peel and polish.In the polishing stage of the car body, it is very important to choose the type and size of the polishing machine. Click on this link to learn more about the types and differences between orbital polishers and rotary polishers. Also, depending on the amount of scratches on the body and the thickness of the paint, the type of polish and the degree of roughness and softness of the polish are also important points in choosing car detailing. Then the last step is to choose the right polishing pad based on the roughness and size of the polishing machine.

After finishing the polishing process of the body, the difference between before and after is completely determined by measuring the amount of gloss with a special device. At this stage, the underlaying of the body is complete and a good effect has been created, but without the protective layer, the possibility of damaging the body is quite possible. Nano-ceramic body and glass-ceramic coatings are used to maintain the work result. Sometimes this nano ceramic coating protects the body against environmental factors for years.

The coating of nano ceramic makes the glass and the body of the car shiny and water repellent. Also, if this product is implemented correctly and using reliable nano ceramic brands, it also prevents the creation of surface lines and scratches. Please note that after the implementation and completion of all car detailing steps with existing standards, maintaining the car after ceramic is very important to increase the life of this product. Avoid washing the body with non-standard materials and in the traditional way in regular car washes. If necessary, the nano ceramic coating can be recovered by professionals.


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