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What are the environmental factors that damage the auto body color and how can you help to eliminate the factors that damage the body color?! Bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, dust, and direct sunlight, especially in dry areas, are among the most damaging factors to auto body color. In the following article, we have discussed briefly about these factors that damage the color of the car over time. Also, in this article, we will introduce you to the suggested solutions to fix the damage or reduce the amount of damage.

Bird droppings are one of the first and most common factors that damage car paint. Seeing bird droppings on the car body is something that all vehicle owners face. First of all, let’s say that bird droppings are one of the serious damage to car paint due to their acidic compounds, and if you don’t remove it in time, it will leave a permanent corrosion effect on the car paint. Normally you have one or two days at most to clean up the bird droppings. This time will depend on the weather conditions and the type of bird. Naturally, the sooner you clean the body, the less likely it is to corrode the body paint.

If you see bird droppings on the body and paint of the car, first pour some water on it and let it soak, and then gently wipe the waste from the car body with a soft tissue. You can also use a small amount of car wash shampoo or cleaning materials without the need for body water. If after cleaning the corrosion effect caused by the acid of bird droppings remains on the body of the car, you should go to the polisher or with the help of car detailing to remove the stain on the body.

Another damaging factor to paint is car sap from trees. When you park your car under trees in the spring and summer, there is always a chance that tree sap will get on the paintwork. In order to clean the tree sap, you should start working early and wash the car before the sap dries completely. If the tree sap dries on the body of this sticky material, it will change color and harden, and as a result, it will not be easy to clean.

But in case of quick action to remove the tree sap, this is easier and it is possible to easily clean this environmental agent by using cleaning materials or gum spray. It is also possible to clean with car body shampoo or detergents mixed with water. But if the tree sap dries up, it is recommended to go to a polisher and professional car detailing centers to solve this issue with a suitable car body polisher and polisher.

Acid rain and snow can also be an environmental factor that damages the car’s paint. Due to the pollutants suspended in the city air, city rain becomes acidic and leaves cloudy spots on the car body paint. These rains absorb air pollutants such as sulfuric and nitric acid, causing paint killer to corrode, and for this reason, it is recommended that you wash and dry your car after the rain is over.
To eliminate the effect of acid rain, Energo specialized materials are recommended. Due to its alkaline power, this product destroys the acidity of rain. Another method of removing the effects of acid rain is the use of soft polish and a special polishing pad, which is used by detailers to restore color.

Although dust looks harmless, if it remains on the car body for a long time, it causes scratches and holograms on the car body. So always wash your car on time and don’t let dust and dirt stay on it for a long time. Washing the body and using a handkerchief or soft gloves for the body is very important.

Also, separating the wash cloth for different parts of the car will prevent scratches and spreading contamination to different parts of the body. One of the problems in manual car washing is the simultaneous use of a wash cloth for all parts, which means that when washing the rims and sills of the car, dirt and dust are cleaned with a cloth that is also used for the door and roof. This causes scratches on sensitive parts of the body. For a professional wash, products such as lambskin gloves or microfiber towels are very suitable, and in general, body wax shampoo from reputable brands such as Waxworth shampoo, Mefra body wax shampoo can also be a good option for use either personally or by Car wash staff should be manual.

Exposing the car to direct sunlight can damage its paint. Ultraviolet rays have a lot of power in destroying molecular bonds and creating heat, and this damage is in the form of dulling of the color killer, which is known as sunburn, or shadows and spots falling in a certain direction on the color of the car body. The traditional way to solve this problem is to park the car in the shade or use tarpaulin or cloth covers for cars, one of the drawbacks of this work is scratches and holograms when putting and removing the cover. An up-to-date and easy method is to use a nano-ceramic coating on the car body or a protective cover.

Nowadays, in the car detailing industry, it is very common to use body ceramic coating to take care of the body color, and according to the type of ceramic and the nano technology used in the production of different brands of nano ceramic body, the method of execution and durability of the ceramic is different and depends on the experience of the operator. And the quality of ceramic training provided is divided. It is highly recommended to use standard materials in the implementation of body ceramics and to get help from trained people with standard facilities for implementation.

At the end of the discussion of the factors affecting the color of the car, it should be said that protecting the color of the car today with the remarkable progress of science and new technologies in all fields, especially in the field of automotive products, we see that most people are looking for new products and options for their cars. are. Car ceramics and hydrophobic waxes are one of the cheap and quality methods to protect car paint.




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