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There can be several different reasons why you might want to use a brush. You can’t reach a certain area very well (like air vents), you want to scrub an area (like cleaning a car logo with APC), you really need to scrub something to get it cleaned (scrubbing tyres) or to easily remove large amounts (cleaning the dashboard with a duster). Even though the tasks you are going to use it for can be many, detailing brushes have shown their worth in the world of detailing. The main advantage of a brush is the addition of air when scrubbing (creating foam, and agitating the solution), working a slightly larger area even though all the individual hair scrub the total area the same and the soft mechanical cleaning that is done by the soft hairs (in some cases).

There are many types of brushes, some have very hard nylon bristles, others are made from boar-hair and others can contain horse-hair or even synthetic fibers. The difference in brushes (apart from size) is often related to the job they are suitable for.

 Work Stuff company, which is one of the most reliable brush detailing brands from Poland. There are four sizes of 16, 24, 30 and 40 mm, where the size indicates its diameter. The brush size is 16 mm for cleaning the interior of the car and measuring points with many containers, such as the window lifter switch or the clock face or audio system display.


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